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The SWK series surge water chambers meet the following national and international standards:

• LV 124
  LV 124
•  GS 95003-4
  ISO 16750-4
  VW 80101 – 2009
• VW 80101 – 2009

The surge water chambers of the SWK series offer you

a reliable solution for your exams.

The following default options are available:

Operating unit - 7" touch panel (standard scope of delivery)

A surge water chamber from the SWK series is operated via a 7″ touch panel. The operating software can be operated intuitively. The software includes the following core functions:

• Manual operation for setting up the test items
• Automatic testing with defined test programs
• Data recording of values ​​such as temperature and surge cycles
• Creation of your own test programs

additional splash water nozzles

This option allows you to install additional surge water nozzles.

max. 2 nozzles per side wall.

The spray water chambers of the SPK series are available in the following standard sizes:

We would also be happy to create a solution with special dimensions for you or assemble the cabin on site.

SWK 1000

Outside dimensions (width / length / height) in mm:  2100 / 1320 / 2400

Test room dimensions (width / length / height) in mm:  1050 / 1050 / 1050

Number of splash water nozzles:  standard 1 nozzle / max. 4 nozzles

Surge medium:  water / water with Arizona

Splash water temperature :  1-4 °C

Temperature range surge water chamber:  40 – 140 °C (other ranges on request)

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